The ACLD Tillotson School

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Detailed Program Description


Education Program Overview

The primary focus of the ACLD Tillotson School is our students. We view the education process as a positive and supportive interaction among the student, the school’s dedicated personnel, and parents/guardians. Each of our students has a unique way to learn. A careful analysis of each student’s academic, social, and information processing skills is made. An individualized learning plan is developed and instruction is tailored to match the student’s strengths and needs. This plan is monitored for outcomes and revised as needed. Classrooms have an average of 10-12 students and instruction usually occurs in small groups and on a one-to-one basis.

The school’s education program was developed over the decades, and it continues to evolve. It is a well-designed blend of research-based educational models that work. The curriculum includes a range of specially designed interventions and instructional approaches that improve student learning.

There are over forty-five dedicated, experienced direct service faculty and staff who deliver educational services to our students. In addition the school’s program is under the daily direction of experienced and concerned administrators who oversee the program and student progress.